SGA Senator Pepe Romero, Candidate for President

SGA Senator Alexis Bravo, Candidate for President

SGA Candidates offered their platforms to potential voters; Bravo and Romero reach to different groups.

By: Anthony Sganga, Editor-in-Chief

Compliments were common and disagreements few during the SGA Candidate Debate. Candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary and Chief of Staff described their platforms during a hour forum in the student center. While all candidates had a chance to speak, the debate between the Presidential candidates, Alexis Bravo and Pepe Romero, garnered the most attention.

The race for the position was defined between Romero’s experience and professionalism in the private sector versus Bravo’s knowledge and experience of student issues.

The first four questions revolved around the candidates’ plans to increase communication between the administration and students, as well as two initiatives that would be implemented if they were elected.

Romero spoke about addressing the lack of school spirit, stating that many students feel “disenfranchised.” His second plan is to increase health initiatives around campus, such as provide contraceptives to students.

“It’s a health initiative, there is not an access to contraceptives here. It’s a major concern given that Bergen County, we’re a side of the county that Senator Wienberg championed legislation to ban smoking and that is something that is at the root of health, a healthy lifestyle. Just the fact that…that there isn’t a platform or a promotion to lead a healthy lifestyle is a major concern to me.” said Romero.

Bravo spoke about the lack of programs for students taking evening courses. Providing a statistic that over half of the student population, approximately 8,400 students, take either evening or a combination of day and evening courses, Bravo questioned why programs couldn’t be scheduled for this sector.

“We have so many workshops, programs, work fairs, job fairs, college fairs, there are people from other colleges who come here to speak to us. Why is it that that is only from from 11 o’clock until 3 o’clock? Why can’t students who have to work, who have to raise a family, who have so many reasons why they can’t be here during the day, why do they have to suffer? Why can’t they have that experience?” said Bravo.

The final question asked both candidates why voters should choose them over their opponent.

Romero said students should elect him because he possesses “the listening skills, the drive, the work ethic, the integrity, and the will to serve the student body…” He attributes this to his diverse background similar to many students at the college.

Bravo took the opportunity to relate to students in attendance as well as raise the age gap between the two candidates . “I am 18 years old, I might not have all the experience in the world, I might not know the real world yet, but I do know you guys and I do know Bergen Community College and that’s the drive that’s gonna give me the passion to be the best president ever.” said Bravo.

The remark received loud applause from those in attendance.

Both candidates agreed that no matter who it is you support, that making sure to vote is the most important key. The SGA election will be held from April 23 to April 30 via electronic ballot emailed to students. Results will be announced May 1