1,112 of 15,623 Students Vote; 7.1% Turnout Sets Record

By: Anthony Sganga, Editor-in-Chief
Following a week-long ballot amid the highest turnout on record, the Student Government Association elected a new executive board and alumni trustee.

SGA President-Elect Alexis Bravo received 61% of the vote

SGA Senator Alexis Bravo, 18, was elected President with 61% out of 1,112 ballots cast on Tuesday. Bravo, who campaigned on bringing more programs to night students and her ability to relate to the younger student population at the college, will assume office at the semester’s end.

Bravo stated that her victory was very fulfilling. “I feel so blessed and honored to serve as leader, it’s a dream come true and I hope to do whatever it takes to do the job properly,” said Bravo.

The race for the position was defined between Bravo’s knowledge and experience of student issues and candidate Senator Pepe Romero’s experience in the private sector.

Romero, 32, the other candidate for President, received 39% of the vote and was cordial in defeat, offering congratulations to Bravo and the students.

“Congratulations to the student body for breaking the record for most votes. I hope the student body continues to participate and congratulations to Alexis.” said Romero.

In total, 679 students voted for Bravo, with 433 voting for Romero.

Victoria Tahhan was elected Vice President in the closest race, receiving 40% of the vote to George Bosch’s 37% and Michelle Perez’s 23%. Tahhan plans on working toward improving financial aid and making EBS courses unrepresented in a student’s GPA.

In total, Tahhan received 443 votes with 410 for Bosch and 259 for Perez.

Both Treasurer and Chief of Staff were unopposed with Elif Karacayir and Kayla Williams being elected to the positions, respectively.

The final position, Alumni Trustee, was also closely contested. Current SGA President Margarita Valdez defeated student Matthew Friedberg by 80 votes with 54 percent of the vote, 596-516. Valdez will join the board in July following the end of current representative Kathryn Rodriguez’s term.

Vote totals for all positions

Overall, turnout was 7.1% with 1,112 out of 15,623 students voting. The election was held April 23-30 via an emailed ballot sent to students.