By: John H. Cross, Staff Writer.

Public officials perpetually run rampant by abusing their authority and perceiving themselves as above the law. This atrocious behavior is habitually evident in prosecutors. They indelibly selectively prosecute based solely on their own ambitious visions of grandeur or pressure from politicians for ideological pursuits.

Routinely, they bombard grand juries who consist of lay citizens holding no legal background with trumped-up theatrics, intentionally not presenting exculpatory evidence. This tactical legal grey area leaves inference to the ability to ‘Indict a ham sandwich’.

Recently, New York City police officer Gilberto Valle was convicted of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and could receive life in prison at his June 19 sentencing. The prosecution dubbed him ‘Cannibal cop’ and persuaded the jury to convict based on his internet fetish role playing. Valle frequented chat rooms where he fantasized about kidnapping, sexually torturing, cooking and eating over 100 women. No evidence was presented that any of the women he was accused of plotting to kill were harmed, or even if any actual preparatory plans were carried out. The prosecutor put forth a visit to a college friend made by the officer, his wife and baby as an example of surveillance of an intended victim.

This high profile case was clearly government ‘grand standing’. His co-conspirator internet chat buddies were selectively not prosecuted as they do not represent a prize conviction as does the NYPD officer. Clearly, Valle or “Girlmeat Hunter”, which was his internet handle, is disturbed and should not be an officer of the law. Police officers have a code of moral conduct and must pass psychological reviews.

Take his badge based on these sick fantasies. This is thought prosecution and represents a violation of his 1st Amendment rights. The jury convicted on emotion, not law.

On July 5, 2011, a jury of her peers found Casey Anthony not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and aggravated child abuse. Undoubtedly, many hearts dropped over the death of that innocent child, yet the jury followed to the letter the judge’s instructions and passed down a justified verdict, no matter how emotionally trying it was. Everyone agrees that this woman had some hand in the demise of that child and should be in prison or put to death. The prosecution holds a legal duty to only indict on charges for which they hold supporting evidence. The delay in discovering the child’s body clearly hampered the government’s case.

Taking that into consideration the prosecutor should have indicted her on conspiracy to commit murder. With her chloroform Google searches and evading inquiries on the child’s whereabouts for a month a conspiracy charge was a sure conviction, resulting in extensive jail time. Instead Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton decided to undertake a strategy of media assassination for personal fame and attempted to convict based on Casey’s appalling behavior. Whereas, we all unanimously acquiesce this fact, fortunately idiocy is not a crime. Defense attorney Jose Baez did not win this case, the prosecution lost it.

Appropriately, instead of utilizing this case as a springboard to infamy and higher political office, he was justifiably dismissed from his positions and now is most likely the Orange County, Florida dog catcher.

These cases attest to runaway government intrusion into our lives. Query how many times you have extolled, “I would like to kill that person”, as a figure of speech. The Valle conviction sets precedent for indictment of such speech. It could be you next! Habitually, prosecutors over-indict, without supporting evidence. Prosecutorial executioners unduly pressure innocent suspects with the clear intention to plea bargaining charges down to obtain political recognition. They accomplish this by threatening an individual’s, such as yourselves, freedom! A statute requiring the government to award guiltless defendants’ punitive damages and reimbursement of legal fees will stamp down this mendacious behavior by holding prosecutors to a rare occupational occurrence: accountability. Our government officials and appointees are self serving parasites that backseat public service and rule of law for their own ‘grand standing’. They masquerade like celebrities that are above the laws that they selectively enforce, all on our dime.

Government produces nothing except self promoting overbearing laws which continually infringe on our rights and limit our freedoms. It is every American’s duty to hold them accountable to a ‘Line in the sand’! Take notice, once that line is blurred, the parasites will never concede, there then is regrettably no going back.