By: Jessie Castellanos, Sports Editor.

Game 3 of the NBA Finals is tonight, what to expect?

Game 3 of the NBA Finals is tonight, what to expect?

“Where amazing happens” is the NBA’s motto and the 2013 NBA Finals have definitely been giving this statement a lot of credibility. Many teams have come to add another banner to their rafters and some have come to hang their first. After an amazing Playoff season, only two titans remain, the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat to end what has already been an incredible series in their favor.

       Game 1 showed The Spurs nay sayers that this “Team of old men” still has what it takes and age doesn’t determine functionality and chemistry. An intense battle ignited between this team that has mastered fundamental basketball to leave teams in the dust and the explosive young team that can turn on their game at any minute. It was an intense game throughout, The Spurs had some difficulty transitioning and making their shots, but they remained only a few points behind Miami. The second half came and so did the turnovers, The Heat having more turnovers than they did field goals. The Spurs took advantage and surpassed The Heat who surprisingly were doing better statistically in almost every aspect. The honorable mention of this game goes to no other but Tony Parker with 10 seconds left on the game clock, being triple-teamed, he scrambles, falls over and forces the shot, swishing it. Ending the game 92-88. Setting the tone for The Heat that if they want a chance to win the series they have to step it up.

       It’s hard to say whether The Heat did their homework very well or The Spurs just really blew it. Because that’s what the game turned into after the middle of the third quarter, a blow-out. The Heat stepped up their defensive game and shut down almost all momentum that The Spurs tried to build up. The defense kept Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobili on lockdown, making the veterans look like green thumbs to the sport. If anyone would have asked me if I thought how any of these games were going to be like, a blowout is the last thing that I would  have considered. The Heat took the game with a 103-84 victory over The Spurs. Both Mario Chalmers and Lebron James need a shout out for their performance. Although Lebron was struggling at first, he turned the “on” switch and started assisting Chalmers with the opportunity to shock fans, attacking the basket with ferocity.

       This years Playoffs have been an exciting one and like most playoff games, fans would like to see this go to game seven. Hopefully they will get their wish and they will have five more memorable games to enjoy.