Microsoft's XBox One will be competing against Sony's PlayStation 4.

Microsoft’s XBox One will be competing against Sony’s PlayStation 4.

  By: Jessie Castellanos, Sports Editor.

       Nerds, fans, and casual gamers rejoice! E3, an electronics and virtual entertainment trade show, is here at last, and Microsoft has announced some of the things that we should expect to see from the Xbox One this November. Fans who were left with a lot of unanswered questions from a very vague unveiling back in May were excited to see what this conference entailed.

       There were many highlights in this conference, one being that we still don’t know if the Xbox is watching our every move. But I digress from that to talk a little bit about games that were announced at E3, some of which will be exclusive to The Xbox One.

       I’ll start with the most exciting game presented, “Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain,” a series which in the past has been a Sony exclusive, but will now be available on multiple platforms. You can tell that developer and mastermind behind the series, Hideo Kojima, working under the alias Moby Dick Studios, has been working with top-notch game engines creating beautiful landscapes, amazing character detail, and the most unbelieveable lighting and shadow effects ever seen. And who can forget the stealth factor? Centered completely around espionage and tactical strategy, Metal Gear Solid has revolutionized the stealth and action-adventure alike, setting the stage for many of the industries leading releases.

       Other titles features include “World of Tanks,” one of the most popular online games , with 60 million active PC players world-wide. “Ryse: Son of Rome,” displaying rich cinematic gameplay, realistic enviroment and superb fighting system, made it’s debut as a sure hit once it is released. “Killer Instinct.” the mid-90’s era arcade classic, will also be returning after a much rumored report of its redesign, and quoting a friend of mine “ That s*** is my childhood,” “Forza Motorsport” will of course be bringing you graphics and the most expensive, fastest cars on Earth.

       More minor but still exciting projects include: “Sunset Overdrive”, “Minecraft”, “Quantum Break”, “D4”, “Dead Rising 3”, “The Witcher 3”. One game that looks promising is “Spark”, which uses Xbox SmartGlass and allows you to develop games with your tablet and the Xbox One. If you ever wanted to feel like what its like to be a video game designer, you will now have the tools to do it.

       Aside from new game releases, other important changes are coming to XBox. Xbox Live from 360 will transfer to your Xbox One, Microsoft points will be removed and will be replaced by real currency and Xbox Live can be shared throughout your accounts. If you have Xbox Live you will receive two free game downloads every month. They showed that Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2 will be among them. Friends list is now limitless. Xbox will use a DVR system and will record all your gaming and you can choose to publish instantly. Last but not least, pricing, Xbox One will start at $499 USD.

       I will refrain from giving my own personal opinion and invite you to use what I say here to make your choice between Xbox, Playstation, or both. Whichever choice you make, enjoy!