Outside the parking lots of Bergen Community College – Deana Deo

By: Blair DeLong, News Editor

Snow days are a wonderful thing, just not on the first day of class. Many of you might disagree with me, but remember folks, most of you pay to go to school. Beyond this truth though, someone truly dropped the ball on Tuesday the 21st. When someone has a fair warning of any type of weather advisory you would think precautions would be taken to ensure the safety of all who are involved with Bergen Community College, but someone neglected their responsibilities to figure this out sooner.

With the new website the college unveiled during the winter break, any and all who are involved with BCC could have found out the school would be closing at 12:15 p.m. at 10:30 p.m., this was due to the heavy snowfall that day. Why would you announce the closing of the school with a two hour and forty minute warning?  Since BCC is a commuter campus, some students were already on their way to campus when the closing was announced, when the roads were snow covered already.

Parking lots of Bergen Community College  - Deana Deo

Students waiting in the snow storm trying to get home from campus – Deana Deo

Someone seriously dropped the ball on Tuesday. We knew Winter Storm Janus was coming and we also knew the projected amount of snowfall. Why, oh why would the administration even attempt to open the school? Who’s bright idea was it to not heed the warnings of the meteorologists and even their own eyes at one point?

I personally drove to school taking Route 17 going 35 mph due to horrible road conditions that just became worse. As I drove onto the BCC campus I was met by a Public Safety Officer telling me that the school was closing at 12:15 p.m., much to my chagrin I turned back to the car only to see the road to Paramus Road was a mess. After an hour and a half wait, I was finally on my way home only to be met with another hour of traffic back to my house due to heavy snowfall and horrible road conditions.

So to whomever’s genius idea it was to hold classes and go against the warnings of the weather experts, thank you. The pucker factor driving home was at a 7, while your stupidity should be rated at a 10. Great call Einstein, you are now among some of the most idiotic people to grace the halls of BCC.