Captain America and The Winter Soldier Ruined My Day

captain america winter soldier With a shamelessness that could only have been written by bored, forced, and all washed up screenwriters out of ideas, Captain America 2 :The Winter Soldier has succeeded in making me want to walk out of a Marvel film, ask for my $17 back and front flip off the George Washington Bridge.

There are so many things dishonorable to the Marvel Universe about this movie that before I start purging, I'd just like to question the thousands of critics and reviews claiming that this film is good, some critics going to the extent of calling it "amazing," including the once-trustable Rotten Tomatoes, which gave the Cap an 89 percent, really Rotten Tomatoes? an 89 percent?

The superhero movie cliche count of this movie is through the roof, from cheesy one-liners, to the European bad guys, to the "science experiment gone wrong," and many many more not even worth mentioning. Apart from that, the plot holes are many, and they are gaping. I fear possible cigarette burns on the actual script, sometimes simply insulting the audience's intelligence by just playing "spot the plot hole" and just kind of, letting the audience think whatever.

The movie tries and fails at a political, conspiracy, "Illuminati" spy plot by sprinkling a merciless amount of predictable twists and pathetic plot convenience. Not to mention badly shot action sequences and a looming immaturity and stupidity of Steve Rodgers, a guy who the comics depict as one of the smartest and most mature superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

Very boring and lazy, the film unecesarily goes 3-D, and I really do mean unnecessarily, since at a crucial, action-packed point in the film I took my 3-D glasses off and squinted a little, and it looked exactly the same.

Not to mention the overdone, "Villain and hero were friends and now villain doesn't remember hero so hero can't kill villain" plot. Towards the ends, Bucky Barnes "The Winter Soldier" and the Captain were having a cute moment while everything collapsed around them, not in a dramatic way, but in an uncomfortable display of awkward affection.

Most of the action came from explosions and destruction, but the rest came from random people killing other random people, most who had the accuracy and usefulness of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars. At some point, even the characters of the movie where confused, asking one another, "How do I know who the bad guys are?" to which there was this reply, "Whoever is shooting at you," which perfectly describes the action in the film.

I could bash this movie until the end of time, but there is something positive from the film. The resurrection of the legendary Robert Redford was awesome to see, especially in these mainstream films, where he got the role of the main villain and portrayed it with experienced excellence.

Apart from Redford, nothing else is really notable. Overall this film wasn't awful, but it was awfully boring unlike other Marvel films, that at least hold the audience with mindless action, and this one even failed at that. I just wish that critics would please review this movie for what it is, not for what it could have been; The Torch gives this film a D+.