Winning Strategies: Tips and Tricks for Success at New Jersey Casinos

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Since opening the first wave of casinos in the late 1970s, New Jersey has proudly cemented its place as the runner-up to Las Vegas in terms of American casino prestige and influence. When gambling was approved in the Garden State, the casinos were relegated to Atlantic City. And while there have been some tough times, the Atlantic City Casino scene still remains upbeat.

With seven land-based casinos at your disposal, care and study are in order to win big. By the end of this article, you'll know all the ins and outs of putting on the Ritz at New Jersey Casinos.

Know the Casino Vibe

While the goal of New Jersey Casinos remains the same, the slight nuances set them apart. Before diving into a casino like Borgata or Bally, take time to study each New Jersey Casino. When studying them, learn what each specializes in and how they differ.

For example, which casino has more slot games than the other? What about the progressive slot games, or do they offer jackpot slot games? And don't forget about the table games in your casino strategy. Borgata, part of the MGM brand, is famous for its table gameplay with tournaments. Some due diligence is in order, depending on what you're looking for.

Also, it's important to dress like the casino regulars. You can always study the casino's website to get a hint about their particular dress code, or you can always get in touch with them for current clarification. Not dressing appropriately can bar you from entry into the casino. Also, dressing up or meeting the dress code can be a boon on how you feel. And how you feel can translate to timely casino game wins.

Know when to Arrive

Atlantic City Casinos like Vegas run 24/7, but specific periods can impact your casino game strategy. Maybe the crowd is the strongest at high noon, and the majority of the crowd is playing progressive slots. All those wagers build to the pot, and all it takes is for you to come in with the right spin and win the pot. In other words, let the others build the pot and spend their hard-earned money while you spend just enough to win.

But, if you don't like playing around large crowds, maybe get some gaming in when the crowd is light. For the most part, the early morning hours tend to be small during the middle of the week, giving you plenty of time to game alone and work your craft.

Don't Pass Up the Promotions

Most of the Atlantic City Casinos have an online casino presence. Promotions and reward points are also key marketing points in land-based New Jersey Casinos like online casinos. New Jersey Casinos like Borgata and Bally excel at new member promotions.

Also, these casinos integrate and synchronize their rewards programs so you don't miss a spin or a hand, whether online or in person. These reward points, like Bally Bucks, are redeemable into cash to play free casino games and win real money.