Entertainment Extravaganza: Shows and Events at New Jersey Casinos

It's debatable which casinos started the trend for live entertainment and concert venues. Live casino performers and entertainment are the lifeline for a casino's success. Unlike online casinos, land-based casinos like New Jersey Casinos rely on a draw to get gamblers into their casino halls, and live entertainment fits that bill.

In America, Reno casinos helped to popularize the trend of live performers, often featuring popular talent and performances of the day to lure gamblers. Las Vegas casinos, helped to introduce magic shows. So, when New Jersey Casinos opened in Atlantic City in the late 1970s, they were able to take off like a rocket because the formula for live entertainment had already been perfected.

Furthermore, gamblers who attend New Jersey Casinos like to socialize and take breaks between gambling, and live entertainment venues are perfect for forming bonds with the casino.

New Jersey Casino Concerts and Comedy

Concerts, by far, make up the most prominent form of live entertainment for most casinos, including New Jersey Casinos. New Jersey has a history of having legendary performers like Frankie Vali and the Four Seasons, Al Green, and the legendary Temptations. To help draw a mature crowd, it's customary to feature top-tier music groups from the 1960s to the 1980s who still have name recognition.

Harrah's in Atlantic City is known for having legendary singers like Patti LaBelle, Sandler, and Young, and one of the original members of the Rat Pack, Sammy Davis Jr. When you go to Atlantic City casinos' websites, you can easily find the coming attractions. To keep up to date, the top New Jersey Casinos continue to renovate their entertainment halls to continue to draw an audience. Besides concerts, New Jersey casinos still host live stand-up comedians.

New Jersey Casino's Boxing Matches

Las Vegas gets credit for popularizing prized boxing matches. Caesars Palace, in particular, became a staple for legendary boxing matches, including legendary middleweight and featherweight bouts with Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard, but also heavyweight fights with Mike Tyson.

As Donald Trump expanded the New Jersey Casino presence in the 1970s, Atlantic City hosted several prize fights, many featuring Mike Tyson during his first run as the Heavyweight Championship. With so much exposure to the fight and hordes of people flocking to New Jersey, Atlantic City casinos quickly enjoy a gambling boom from all the visitors. Today, UFC and mixed martial arts events are extremely popular. New Jersey Casinos remain prime hosts for mixed martial arts events broadcast live.

Wrestlemania in New Jersey Casinos

While not as popular in New Jersey Casino's history, the WWE added a new wrinkle in the late 1980s to New Jersey Casinos Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania Four and Five were hosted at Trump Plaza, and today, they remain two of the highest-grossing Pay-per-view events of all time. With sold-out capacity crowds, the tourism was so strong that WWE will occasionally have wrestling events in New Jersey Casinos today.