Who Wants A Burger?

"So good you can't resist." With such catchy slogan, Blue Star Burgers, located in Tenafly, has left quite an impression on local customers, with surrounding customers ordering their favorites off the menu.

Blue Star Burgers has become the new "hangout spot" among Tenafly's youth, who appear to have found a place with a cool and very intimate atmosphere, allowing them to socialize. Although Its small size gives the restaurant a crowded feel when the masses arrive, the ambient is really comfortable. Not only is the restaurant popular amongst the youth, but it is also charming enough to attract adults at any age with their hip atmosphere.

It is simply impossible to leave or even visit without trying their mouthwatering and affordable burgers. They are prepared fresh daily with new oil and are well presented, and every bite you indulge in leaves you wanting more with their unique, classic recipe. Unlike the sloppy preparation of other restaurants, Blue Star makes burgers that are easy to eat and soft to the touch of a finger, so you won't need to panic in horror wondering if your shirt will be stained with ketchup once you savour your last bite.

Not only is this restaurant famous for burgers, but also for their Blue Star fries, which are seasoned lightly with rosemary and salt, and served in large portions with a soft texture in each bite. Also included on the menu are their famous milkshakes made with natural flavors for a smooth and rich texture. The milkshake has a delicious flavor, created only at Blue Star. Owner Jason Greenfest guarantees that the friendly customer service skills his staff introduces to the environment will definitely keep you coming back to this restaurant in search of more delicious items to dig into.