Wild Goose Casino

Despite enticing casino goers with more table games than instant plays like slots, gamblers at the land-based Wild Goose Casino will love joining the flock in search of a big win. Learn more about the action at Wild Goose below, or plan your first visit today.

Not Your Typical Promotions

The Wild Goose Casino floor in Ellensburg isn't your typical place to play, and the promotions available are even more unusual. While you won't find the free spins and match bonuses usually in our reviews, you'll love learning about the available offers.

  • Saturdays at Wild Goose are Guys' Night Out, when men can score affordable food, cheap drinks, and free play.
  • Every Friday night at the casino is Ladies' Night, and women enjoy Happy Hour deals throughout the evening.
  • Bettors stopping in for a drink and a hand of cards on Thursday will love learning the player's perfect portable food, a taco, is available for $2.
  • Every Sunday at 3 p.m., WSOP satellites, featuring a top prize of $10K, are available for a small $50 entry fee.
  • The Golden Goose Poker Tournament, available the last Saturday of every month, offers 25,000 chips for the $100 buy-in. See the casino for details.

Understanding The Goose's Games

Players won't find the selection of slots, video poker, and other virtual and live-dealer favorites they encounter online and at land-based casinos when they bet at Wild Goose; the casino features several table games but lacks many of the iconic titles players expect when it's time to place their wagers. Below, learn what kind of games are available at Wild Goose Casino.

  • High Card Flush: Simple and easy to play, bettors must build a hand with high cards from the same suit.
  • Three Card Poker: A Stud-style game that allows gamblers to bet on their hand or against the dealer's, this is a fun one.
  • Player's Edge 21 Progressive: This progressive jackpot-style, extended version of blackjack is a surefire win for gamblers.
  • WPT Heads-Up Hold'em Progressive: This Texas Hold'em game plays exactly like the original, but it's entirely against the dealer.
  • Blackjack Match The Dealer: This fun, fast-playing card game functions exactly like traditional blackjack, except it allows for a "Match The Dealer" side bet.

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