mma This may not be your traditional type of reporting, this is more about promoting something you may find interesting. If you are a news junkie, you may be familiar with VICE. VICE is a news company incorporated with people that are passionate about reporting and providing videos on what you need to know that's happening around the world.

From reporting on the "Uprising in the Ukraine" to "Why the Sochi Olympics is the Most Expensive in History," VICE reports on all these important topics in a very interesting, edge-of-your-seat kind of way. But this is not an article promoting VICE. This is actually promoting one of their sub channels,

It is only fair to introduce the way they introduce themselves. "Don't be fooled by all the shaved heads and broken bones. Mixed martial arts is a world of tacticians, moralists, spiritualists, traditionalists, eccentrics, disciplinarians, innovators, and nerds. Men and women who willingly lock themselves away from the world to master the fine art of fighting the way others master the piano or quantum theory. Fightland tells the story of MMA as it is today: an ever-expanding, ever-evolving culture where athletes sacrifice their blood and bodies in a shared search for something like art."

Fightland has a mysterious air about it, and quite honestly it feels great. Fightland presents everything you can think of regarding MMA. Some of the article titles and videos you see are, "Power Rangers, Pro Wrestlers, Rousey, and Fedor," "Does MMA Belong in the Olympics?" and "An American in Thailand: Giving Your Life to Muay Thai." The articles and videos vary across the board, from an interview with MMA star Rashad Evans and why he fights, to how a man brought MMA to Pakistan and brought his people together.

The amount of information on this website is incredible to say the least. Everything is set in a way that is pleasing to the eye and draws you in. Once you start reading or watching this information, you get hungry for more and more. From your die hard MMA fans to the casual enthusiast, you can enjoy and benefit from this YouTube channel/website. Ending this with one of the philosophical quotes given by Rashad Evans during his fightland interview and maybe something we should consider when we feel life is hard: "We all are fighters, every single person on this earth is a fighter, everything that lives. To live is to fight, we just fight in different arenas."