This Week in the NFL: Baby Brought Quarterback Back

NFL's week 6 is the first action-packed week we've seen this season. With strong matchups that had exceptional teams and rivals pitted against each other, the result was one of testosterone-fueled awe. We first saw the Texans make the Colts break a nervous sweat throughout the second half in the first Thursday Night Football game. However, this wasn't a complete blowout, with many considering the Texans' J.J. Watt a prime MVP candidate.

San Diego's QB Philip Rivers has also caught the spotlight, representing the Chargers with a 117.6 QB (ESPN) rating after stealing a win from the Oakland Raiders. The Packers also played an exhilarating game against the Miami Dolphins,with Green Bay's veteran Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. As a result, they put away Miami with a touchdown with only seconds left on the clock. The hard fought victory gives Green Bay a 4-2 record, tying them with Detroit for 1st place in division rankings.

But how can you talk about QBs without mentioning Tom Brady? After a disappointing (although for many, hilarious) start to the season, many considered him to be past his prime. However, Brady brought the Patriots to victory against their Buffalo rivals and now lead the division rankings with a record of 4-2 .

The Cleveland Browns crushed their rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in their first lopsided victory since 1989. The hometown faithful Brian Hoyer is no doubt beginning to look like a franchise quarterback, earning his nickname "Hoyer the Destroyer."

Panthers and Bengals finished off with the first tie of the season, while Chicago secured an upsetting victory in Atlanta. The absence of RG3 is truly hurting the Redskins, with his replacement Kirk Cousin failing to bring in much needed victories.

The Vikings have not fared much better due to their star running back Adrian Peterson being M.I.A due to child abuse charges, along with, with Quarterback Christian Ponder's poor performance on the field. The season for the Purple and Gold is looking very bleak with their disappointing 2-4 record.

Raven Joe Flacco managed to achieve four touchdowns in the first quarter against Tampa Bay, a career high for the promising QB. He played well enough, in fact, to be named AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

As for Bergen's home teams, they've had little luck. The Jets are crippled with an internal struggle in deciding which QB to focus their energy on, which is affecting their performance. Unsurprisingly, they lost the home game to the Broncos.

The Giants are also struggling with consistency. After a few uplifting victories, Eli Manning failed to put any points on the board thanks to an unreliable offensive line. Not only did the G- men lose against their longtime rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, they also lost Victor Cruz to a torn patellar tendon during the 4th quarter. With Cruz being out for the season, an away game against the 5-1 Cowboys next week looks very uninviting.

With the Patriots facing the Jets next Thursday, many foresee it to be a one-sided Patriot victory, with people questioning whether Thursday Night Football should even be a prime time event. Before this week's Thursday Night Texans vs. Colts, the average score has been a 42-11 blowout. Even players have voiced their distaste with TNF. Texan running back Arian Foster said, "I really don't know a fan that likes it, either. I think it's just the league's way of trying to generate more revenue," Despite the backlash, CBS Network does not look like it's letting go of this profitable event anytime soon.

It's still too soon to call playoff contenders, but blood is already in the water. Will the Jaguars crumble under Hoyer the Destroyer? Can Peyton Manning's legendary offence beat San Francisco's menacing defence? There are plenty of developing stories heading into week 7 but We can only wait and see. We can be certain in a few things however, hard-hitting games will continue to follow, and wins and losses are becoming ever more important.