High Stakes: VIP Programs and Casino Rewards in New Jersey

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Since gambling became legal in the Garden State in the 1970s, the small list of legal New Jersey Casinos continues to compete for your daughter. New Jersey VIP rewards programs continue to be the envy of other gambling states because they get new members on the same page like no other. From luxury dinners to comp points, we spin the reels to reveal the magic of the best New Jersey Casino VIP Rewards.

Borgata's Legendary Rewards

Borgata Casino members get to enjoy all the legendary MGM rewards and excellent comp points. With these coveted Borgata tier credits, you can separate yourself from the pack on these five levels.

  • Sapphire
  • Pearl
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Noir

For those serious about joining Borgata's rewards club, you must apply either at the casino in Atlantic City or fill out an account online. Each Borgata MGM reward level issues unique perks and benefits, including faster and higher withdrawal limits and additional hotel room perks. For Borgata members who qualify for the Platinum and Noir levels, you can expect high airline travel credits and exclusive and free cruises. It takes 200,000 tier points to make it to the Platinum level, but the Noir level is by invitation only.

Golden Nugget's 24K Select Club

While Golden Nugget Casino might not get the same prize and hype as the other elite New Jersey Casinos, it still continues to deliver unforgettable reward points for its prized members. Golden Nugget steals the rewards show with these four elegant levels.

  • 24 Karat
  • Premier
  • Chairman
  • Elite

Golden Nugget Casino follows the lead of other online casinos by requiring tier points to advance to new and more lucrative levels. Up to 3,999 tier points, Golden Nugget 24 Karat members immerse themselves in reduced spa and dining options from the comp points. 24 Karat members also enjoy a 10% reduction in shopping.

And from 4,000 to 9,999 tier points, Golden Nugget members enjoy all the Premier benefits, including increased comp points for slot and table games. Also, Premier level members get the edge on advanced cashback options and more attention to detail with a Golden Nugget host.

And once you crack the 10,000 tier point barrier, Golden Nugget gladly accepts you on the glorious Platinum level. Golden Nugget Platinum members enjoy VIP hotel reservations and significantly more comp points and cashback levels than the Premier level.

And only the greatest and most loyal Golden Nugget members get that coveted invitation to the Noir level. Besides priority valet service, Golden Nugget Noir members receive the red carpet treatment with a 20% discount for retail shopping.

Exclusive Caesars Rewards Club

When it comes to luxury gambling, and rewards fit for an emperor, Caesars remains king of the hill. All members who enroll in the illustrious Caesars rewards program begin on the gold level. And as you make those slot and table game wagers, these precious tier points move you through the ranks of these five other levels.

  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Diamond Plus
  • Diamond Elite
  • Seven Stars

Except for the Gold level, all the other Caesars Rewards levels offer exclusive discounts for sports betting, dedicated hosts, and free and luxury vacations.