A Night of Glamour: Dress Codes at New Jersey Casinos

When state legislators sanctioned gambling in New Jersey, specifically in Atlantic City, the Garden State became the first state outside of Nevada to have gambling. And with the casino boom came all the glitz, glamour, and style that only casinos can bring. So before you head out for a rewarding night of New Jersey gambling, be sure you have the proper attire by reading this casino wear guide.

Know the Casino's Dress Code

While it might seem like a no-brainer, the first step is researching that particular casino's dress code. If you pay attention to a casino's patrons, you will notice them wearing similar attire. We can safely say that almost none of the casino patrons are barefoot or wear pajamas during peak hours. But smaller profile casinos might not mind, especially if gambling in the early morning hours.

You can also check its website or social media profiles to get a sense of a dress code. There, you will get a sneak peek of the clothes and the type of attire that the casino is looking for. But you can always give that New Jersey casino a friendly call or an email to verify the dress code. Most casino websites will also have galleries, especially if they host parties or promote VIP rewards clubs. Pay attention to these photos because they detail the caliber of dress they are looking for.

Generally speaking, New Jersey Casinos frown upon too casual of a dress code, especially flip-flops and sandals during sandal hours. The dress code might be relaxed, especially in the early morning hours because most people are sleeping or there is a small crowd.

But as a general rule, casino players need to dress more sharply, if not like a VIP in the evening hours. The late evening hours are a casino's prime gambling hours, so you will want to step up your game and look like somebody who's important. For men, blazers always work well with a buttoned dress shirt that is tucked into your suit pants or high-end khakis.

Under no circumstances should you dress like you just came out of the gym or an intense workout. Take pride in your appearance, which begins with wearing at least casual attire that doesn't involve sweatpants or sweat-drenched shirts. Also, your clothes need to be without holes, neatly ironed, clean, and look like you care about yourself.

Consider Special Events

New Jersey is famous for lavish events and concerts where the patrons are encouraged to dress up in their finest attire. You will want to check in with the local casino promoter to verify the atmosphere and the appropriate dress card so you don't stick out like a sore thumb. The casino's social media profile also comes in handy in helping you find and pick the right attire so you display the classy individual that you are.

Keep your Wardrobe up to Date

Regardless of the casino dress code, it's important that your wardrobe is versatile enough to handle any casino style. While everyone is entitled to their own sense of style, some of your wardrobe should be at least with the current trends so you don't stick out and you can make a winning impression. Who knows, your slick sense of style might draw the attention of your future spouse or a new business acquaintance.